Les nuits de Nacre, Tulle (France)

Pictures at an Exhibition

The Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky wrote this elaborate piano suite after visiting an exhibition of several hundred works by his friend and compatriot Viktor Hartmann in the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition was organized in 1874, to commemorate the untimely passing of this painter and architect. Originally written for piano a considerable number of arrangements have been made of it for a variety of ensembles. TOEAC made their own arrangement for two bayans (concert accordions), drawing on both the piano version and Ravel’s orchestration: “We used the score of the former, and were inspired by the colouring and the phrasing from the orchestral version. Playing it on two accordions we can capture the intimacy and detail of subtle portraits and approach the massive sound of an orchestra where needed.”



Kultur im Kreis, Gieboldehausen (Germany)

Fairly Tales

Duizend-en-één dromen
Er was eens… 
Een vegetarische wolf, 
die Assepoester naar het bal van de Bergkoning brengt, 
waar Roodkapje de Wolf een dodelijke peer aanbiedt.
Kan Klein Duimpje iedereen op de valreep redden, 
door op naaldhakken met Roodkapje af te rekenen….?
En ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig…?

Met befaamde muzikale sprookjes van E. Grieg, P. Tchaikovski, M. Ravel en A. Wammes.

mede mogelijk gemaakt door Fonds Podiumkunsten, BNG Cultuurfonds en Janivo Stichting
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Moving Rhytms

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TOEAC pictures...

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‘TOEAC Pictures…’ The two faces of Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky and Meijering.

Everybody knows Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, but now it will finally be performed on Russia’s BAYAN, better known as the accordion.

The Dutch accordionduo TOEAC arranged this highlight of music history and invited Chiel Meijering to give his personal comment of supplemental pictures to those of Mussorgsky. Where Hartmanns paintings inspired Mussorgsky for his masterpiece, Mondriaans lines take the lead for Meijering. 

A museum of music, where TOEAC connects the Russian and Dutch world with their accordions.

- Pictures at an Exhibition van Modest Mussorgsky, arr. TOEAC

- Rhythm of Straight Lines van Chiel Meijering (2012)

Nordic Music

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A collection of works of Scandinavian origin. At the Royal Danish Academy of Music, TOEAC discovered a treasure trove of Scandinavian repertoire. Two pieces stood out: Grieg's famous ‘Holberg Suite’ and Jørgensen's ‘Kommos’, which makes great demands on the skills of the performers. TOEAC's first CD is a tribute to this repertoire, and celebrates their experiences in Denmark: acquired skills, insights and new friends. Encompassing a wide spectrum of genres and serving as a homecoming after a two year sojourn in Scandinavia, the theme and title of this CD are as inevitable as they are suitable: NORDIC MUSIC.

- Holberg Suite van Edvard Grieg, arr. TOEAC

- Alla Ballata van Torbjörn Lundquist

- Fantasy for two accordions van Ketil Hvoslef

- Tango Orgánico van Benjamin de Murashkin

- Kommos van Klaus Ib Jorgensen